Another Update


Third week of January. After religiously going to the gym, abstaining from rice, and thinking all healthy I gained one kilo and increased my body fat percentage by more than 3%.

What is wrong in this world?

After getting over the shock when my personal trainer delivered me the news, I was informed that cutting back on my carbo turned out to be big mistake. I was given the reasoning that the body panicked and decided to slow down its metabolism since it is not getting its usual supply of rice which is needed for energy. I don’t know how true it is as I was not paying that close attention in Bio before but I think I read that somewhere too. So, the result? After painstakingly avoiding rice and logging my food consumption, I reverted. I went back to my old eating habits less the coke. Ok, the plan of drinking 4 cans/bottles of cola a month was a little too much. Or maybe not. I was winning over the challenge up until I was faced by chips and McDonald’s which won’t taste the same without that fuzzy drink. I drank more than 4. I stopped counting after that, actually. I intentionally repressed how many cans of cola I drank. I was rationalizing that some of them were Coke Zero anyway with no calories. I don’t know how will that figure.

Now, I am still on the fatty side. If I will be honest, I have to say I think I became fatter. I can feel my belly juggling when I am in the treadmill. My clothes are exceptionally tighter. People have been commenting that they are noticing the difference, the BIG difference.

But I am keeping positive about all these things. My efforts of going to the gym and attending that Zumba class, even if I look like an uncoordinated toad trying to follow the extremely great teacher, will all pay off. I have no choice but to hope and believe.

It is still too early to quit. We’re only on our 6th week of the year, anyway.

46 more to go.

No stopping.


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When I Was Told I Am Obese


Since January 2, I have been religiously going to the gym. Today, I decided to take a day off. My muscles went sore and is still sore from the unaccustomed physical movements that they underwent. I am looking forward to the time when they will get used to it and there will be soreness no more.

I had my fitness assessment from my trainer last January 3 and I was dumbfounded. I know I gained weight but the other revelations from the test I took kept me really thinking very hard about the importance of seeking to be healthy.

I am 61 kilos now. Though my BMI says it is still normal, my body fat content says otherwise. Out of the 61 kilos, 32.2% (normal body fat for my age is 24%) of that is fat and as their norms book says, I am obese. Big word.

Aside from that, I failed in the cardio and endurance tests. After doing the 3-minute step test, my heart went haywire. I know I have weak upper body but I never thought I can’t make even a single push up. I was rated poor in all my tests so basically I failed everything.

How can a young me be obese and unfit? I only have myself to blame, I know.

I am so glad I convinced myself to sign up and go to the gym.

Now, I am so serious in getting the health I have allowed to slide down because of my bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Meeting people in the locker room who have the same goal as mine also boosts up my confidence that it can be done. Listening to tips and advices on how to go about in regaining back a healthy body are also priceless.

Today, I spent almost half a day in the grocery store just reading all the nutrition facts in the food label. I downloaded an app as well which will help me count how many calories I am allowed to consume to meet my goal and how many calories I have consumed so far within the day.

I have a deep belief in the self that I will be back to my full health before the year ends. I have great dreams for myself of living the best life possible and I need a good health to make it into a reality.

I never thought that I will need to go to a gym and really sweat it out to stay healthy. I never thought that there will come a day when I have to count the number of calories I am taking just to see if I am still within my limits. I thought I am invincible. But I am doing them all now.

No more excuses. My eyes are set. I am gonna win this.

Here’s to a healthier me this 2014.

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