The Value of Living With Enough


I live a simple life. Or at least I try to.

I have been in this lifestyle intentionally for almost a year now. I am not yet 100% successful but it is where I want to be.

Why do I like it?

Because it just makes more sense.

It made me realize palpably that accumulation of stuff does not make you happy. Not at all.

It strengthened my belief that experiences rather than material things improve one’s well-being and happiness.

It made me comprehend that living with less does not decrease my quality of life. If not, it really adds more.

It made me appreciate that the things that really matter does not come with a price.

And lastly it made me understand that the more I consume the more that I am doing disservice to the future by using up materials and energy that the future generation could still enjoy.

Life makes much more sense now ever since I started living with my enough.


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