Intentional Living


Indonesia : August 2013

I was seated on my bed, back on the wall, sunshine gushing through my window, eating room service food after housekeeping has just made up my room.

I was googling about a place which I was contemplating if I will call my next home should I agree on it. Next home. I must be crazy. Life has been so good to me already. I am living in the most luxurious resort North Sumatra has to offer with all my needs provided and with me not needing to spend even a single Rupiah to live. And I am still getting fat at that.

Move? I must be crazy.

I am. I have proven it time and time again.

So I continued googling and that’s when I happened on Tammy’s blog,, which talks about her minimalist lifestyle and the Tiny House movement. I was smitten. I devoured her blog, bought her book, checked out more blogs and got my eureka.

That is what I wanted.

A minimalist life, a purposeful life, a life with enough.

I guess everything fell in perfectly. I was starting to question the kind of life I was living. On how come I still don’t feel deliriously happy even if I got what I thought I want. That somehow I was missing on life.

I wouldn’t have made the jump to the new adventure life was offering me if not armed with the concepts of the lifestyle of minimalism.

Everything just makes sense.

Almost a year since that introduction to intentional living and I am still breathing it. Not perfectly as I still have a lot of things to learn and practice. But well on the way as everything I do now just makes more sense.


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