My Project 333

project_333I have no intention of starting this project today.

The plan was to wake up early and drive back to the parents’ home. I woke up late and decided to just spend the weekend in my apartment as I am too lazy to brave the traffic jam, if ever there will be one.

I have done my household chores and was whiling time lounging in my mini couch surfing the net when I noticed that my cloth wardrobe cabinet appears like it is about to give up.

I actually know the reason. There are just too many things inside. Despite trying to be very conscious in living a simple life this year, and that includes eliminating clutter or anything unnecessary or in excess, I still managed to accumulate them.

On a regular day I will procrastinate and just continue lounging in the couch. But today the body moved. I blame it on the unusual lightness the body is feeling the past two days. I lost 2 kilos. But that’s another story.

I battled with the things inside my cabinet and declared that today will be the day I will practice Project 333.

I have been reading a lot about Project 333 ever since I started this awareness on living a simple life. One blog led me to another and I found Courtney Carver. Project 333 means wearing only 33 items for 3 months. Items include clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. The beauty with the project is that I can customize it based on what works for me. Gym clothes, pajamas, underwear and house clothes are excluded in the 33.

Before transferring to my present apartment, I ensured that I will only be bringing things that I will really need. Since my space is small, I have to make sure that everything I have inside serves a purpose.

Surprise! Surprise! When I unloaded what is inside, I realized that in the 4 months that I have been living here, I have managed to somehow fill it to the brim. Not very good.

I did the purging. What is funny though is that I did not find it very hard to choose what clothes I want to keep. Most of them are those that I wear on a regular basis at work. And they are not a lot to begin with. I have no issue in repeating my clothes, something that made me cringe in my younger days. I have really grown up.

2014-03-22 14.07.01

I realized that what remained are clothes that I am wishing to wear but either does not fit now because I gained weight or those that I haven’t figured out how to incorporate in my regular wardrobe. I boxed them all.

Interestingly, I have built my own capsule wardrobe without really being deliberate about it. Most of what I chose are those which reflect who I am. Those that I feel comfortable wearing both in and out of work.

In an hour’s time I was able to clear my tiny cabinet, something that is a win because I remember before that it takes me one whole day just to sort out my clothes in my wardrobe at home.

2014-03-22 15.00.44

I got my 33 items.

I am ready for the 3 months.

I am looking forward to the project.

As what Courtney, the owner of the Project 333 says in her blog,

“Simplicity is the new black.”

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