An Update


It has been two weeks since the start of the year and two weeks since I announced publicly my quest for lesimple life.

Where am I right now?

  • My target of going to the gym at least 3 times a week is still on a roll. I sometimes go more than that. This week, I went straight from Sunday to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were spent socializing and Saturday and Sunday were spent to reconnect with myself.
  • I have decided to use only cash or debit card in all my purchases except for big ticket item or big purchases. I almost fell off my chair this week when I saw my credit card bill. My game plan before was try not to withdraw cash from the machine and use the card instead so I can better track my spending. As I reviewed my bill, all my purchases were somehow legitimate. They were mainly comprised of gas, grocery and gifts (for Christmas season). I also saw a significant percentage of bills for eating out. This time, I will try a different approach. I will only use cash and debit card in all my purchases. I don’t like the feeling of seeing big numbers in my bill. It makes me feel like I failed myself when actually, I did not (not much).
  • Since November, I have been tracking all my money that comes in and out. I have read this advice several times in different books and blogs but it is only after I finished the book of Your Money or Your Life by  Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin that I was really encouraged to do it this time around. My system is simple. I just use an excel file which has one section dedicated in listing down everything I spent and received for the month. The other section, on the other hand, is composed of several categories (i.e., Food and Beverage, Transportation, Clothes, etc.) where I list the same purchases but this time to track better where I am spending a lot.
  • I started tracking my daily food consumption and based on the test I took and the advice from my Personal Trainer, I should be only eating 1200 calories a day to meet my target weight of 55 kg. I haven’t been meeting 1200 calories yet and I am already very conscious at that with what I am eating. I realized what more before when I was just stuffing everything in my mouth not worrying about the impact it will do to my health. I will still continue my food diary and hopefully reach a particular diet which will make me reach my goal.
  • I promised myself that I will only drink 4 bottles/can (12 oz) of soda in a month. If you know me very well, soda is my water. I drink it like a pro. But after realizing (yes, only now) that I am doing my body a disservice for drinking it uncontrollably, I said this time it will be different. I am so afraid to make a commitment to the self of guzzling only 4 bottles/cans a month. But so far, I am just on my 2nd bottle for this month. So it seems to be working.
  • I also want to try a mini-mission of car-free day. I read it in one of the minimalist blogs I follow (link here) and have decided to give it a try. This project of living a simple year is not only meant for me to go back to basics and really see what are essential in my life but to lessen my ecological footprint in this world which is my own personal contribution in caring for the Earth. I was able to do it yesterday. I actually never left my place the whole day and found ways to entertain myself without seeking it from somewhere else. This car free day does not mean though that I won’t go out. I will just try as much as I can to do activities that don’t require me driving around.
  • I received my electric bill last week and was so surprised at how much it costs. Php25.00. Yes, you read it right. My whole month consumption only amounted to Php25.00. I can give myself a pat at the back. Aside from the usual lights, electric fan, laptop and my two mobile phones, there weren’t much to draw electricity from but I never thought it will be that low. I am not complaining though. Let’s see how this month goes. I am using on weekends the electric stove that my brother and sister-in-law gave me as a Christmas gift and I recently bought a rice cooker. I got tired of eating out and I really want to learn how to cook. Anyway, I hope the bill will not be that high.
  • Lastly, I joined a course offered by the minimalist bloggers I have been following for months now. It is called asimpleyear. The Universe must be listening. I know my intention of living lesimple life will not be a walk in the park. I hope through this course, I will find a community which will really motivate me to see this change in lifestyle through. I am also excited because this course will provide homework and mini-missions that I can apply in my life so I can achieve really living a simple year. Let’s see how it goes.

Some things I am mulling about:

  • I don’t have a TV in my place. I am seriously thinking if I will purchase one. I spend most of my nights recently in the gym where I get to watch the news while on a treadmill. When I go back to my place, I usually spend it either reading or writing. Should I add watching more TV in my list?
  • If I will not buy a TV, how about a radio? Old school!

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great weekend!


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