When Necessity Arises

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My eyes are almost falling as I type this. I just got home.

Today is my official day of going to the gym. I was actually looking forward to this day the whole holiday period as my clothes started to get tighter and tighter. I realized it’s not funny anymore when it becomes a struggle just to choose find a top or a dress that will fit. Seriously, my choices now are very limited. And before this weight issue aggravates, I have decided to do some serious intervention.

Funny because as I was trying to chase the 7:30 PM Pilates class today, I was trying to escape another eating gathering where I stuffed myself full. When will this eating end?! I guess never.

Where does simplicity figure in all of these? I hope that with this awareness of always choosing to simplify, I will always be reminded that not everything I see on the table will go in my mouth. I have to learn how to be picky and only choose what’s enough.

I had a 30-minute cardio after the 1 hour Pilates class. The machine said I lost 104 kcal from that exercise aside from the aching muscles the stretching from Pilates will probably give me tomorrow morning when I wake up. I have no idea how that number translates to any amount of food. I hope the soda I shamelessly drank this lunch was washed away somehow.

Tomorrow, I am going to meet my trainer for an initial assessment so he can create my proper program. I am so ready to lose those 3 layers (can you believe it?) of bilbil that popped out of nowhere (ok, so I partially concede that a layer or two of that was the accumulation of my cola and chips diet). And those cellulites? I am dying to see them gone, or at least a little bit inconspicuous.

Here’s to a healthier, fitter, (sexier, of course) me this 2014. Here’s to another area of my project of simplification.

I hope I get to wake up early again tomorrow for another set of cardio. I plan to be at the gym before the break of dawn and do at least another 30 minutes of treadmill walk before my official day begins.

Good luck to me.

I’ll keep you posted.

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